Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Big Question

DJ is very passionate about animals and plans to be a veterinarian one day. His latest question in his studies is " How many human body parts are just like a pig's body part?" Once the question rolled off his tongue he was ready to start on his latest project in the subject of biology. DJ is fond of reading which makes his research fascinating, and he always welcomes his new discoveries by digging deeper. I had purchased some animal dissection kits from Home Science Tools, which are also available for purchase in the Studio. The more real life experiences DJ gets while exploring The Big Question is what keeps him wanting to know more, so I offered an invitation to him to have a go at dissecting the fetal pig.

The kit came along with an awesome guide full of wonderful illustrations and step by step directions of how to correctly dissect the fetal pig.
DJ's  first discovery was finding out how to determine the sex of the pig.
Next he learned how to properly prepare the pig for further dissection. He loved this part so much! DJ said  " I really feel like I am a Vet right now!" I bet he did, especially since he had on his Scrubs.

While he was dissecting he read the guide and identified the pig's body parts.

DJ was able to answer The Big Question, and has come up with other questions while completing this activity.
                                         The power of a child led project can't be beat! 

To read a background of other works DJ has done that has led to this pig dissection work pop over  and visit our homeschool blog.


  1. What a COOL thing to let your child explore! I am sharing it with my readers on Twitter and facebook!!

    Thanks for linking up at TGIF! Hope to see you again later today =)

  2. DJ had a lot of fun with this work. Thank you, Beth for sharing this on your twitter and facebook page.

  3. I have a 7yr old dd who wants to be a vet someday as well. What sort of things did you do to help DJ out?

    1. Hi Iska! If you click on the link at the end of the post it will take you to a quick summary of some of DJ's zoology lessons. Feel free to browse through our homeschool blog. Thank you for asking and I hope to see you around these parts again.