Thursday, June 13, 2013

Clay as an Independent Activity

There is no doubt about it Clay is a favorite art medium among children and to many adults too. The benefits of using clay are huge! For young children working with clay their fingers and hands get an awesome work out. As the child develops they use clay as a medium to create, destroy and recreate over and over. Finally when the child has worked with clay often they create masterpieces, first as flat art work that they love to paint, as mastery of working with clay in such a way that the hands are massaging the material they began to make three dimensional structures. Those who truly enjoy this art material go on to learn the art of pottery.

 When I was exploring a way to make clay an accessible activity to the children here at the Studio I thought about what things I have observed children make while using clay. I observed plates, rocks, mask, and vases. I was amazed one time when I saw a child make a person. She free handed everything! The concentration was amazing and the focus attention couldn't be broken, even when she heard that it was time to play outdoors. This child's work is the inspiration behind this Clay activity.


 The tray contains all of the necessary materials for the child to complete this work
  1. The clay is in the jar.
  2. A cup to fill with water and pour in the butterfly designed dish to moisten the clay if need be.
  3. Molds can be used to design a person/fairy, etc.
  4. Wire to help join the clay body parts together.
  5. Pliers to cut the wire with ease.

At the Studio we use Das as our go to for clay when producing our masterpieces. For pure clay fun we use Crayola Air Dry Clay. Our hands and our work deserve the very best!                                                             

When is the last time you and your child(ren) played with clay? It is so relaxing!

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  1. This is a very well thought out practical life activity! Love the addition of wire and pliers.